Description:The Pisa International Airport, located along the coast, only 1 km away from the city of Pisa, is accessible from either the A11 and A12 motorways, the Florence-Pisa-Livorno highway, the normal city roads or with the railway network. It has extensive parking areas and a wide range of transport services.


Switchboard: tel. +39 050.849.111
Tourist Information: tel. +39 050.849.300

Transfers: Specific transfers, to and from the airport, will be provided for the Forum’s participants. For the latecomers, or just in case of other logistic necessities, the airport is fully connected, in various ways, to all the Tuscan cities and you can find the related indications on Pisa Airport’s website, in the section “To & From Airport” and in the section “Information”.

Help Desk: Dedicated help desks will be provided, at the arrivals’ zone, for September 26 and 27 to ensure a permanent point of information for all the guests and participants.


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