Description: The Real Collegio of Lucca is located on the site of the ancient cloister of the nearby San Frediano church.
The Real Collegio’s history began in 1770 with the foundation of a University.
In 1896, it was defined as “a moral, independent institution”.
The role of the Real Collegio was very important for over 150 years, involving students from the city and abroad.
In 1939, it stopped functioning as an educational institution.
Nowadays, it is used for private parties, weddings, exhibitions, cultural and private events, and conferences.

Infopoint/contacts: Piazza del Collegio, 13 55100 – Lucca (LU)
tel. +39.0583.494543 – cell. +39.3486043705 – fax. +39.0583.919161



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