Experience Vinci, Leonardo’s Hometown

DESCRIPTION: these two programmes, half day and weekend version, offer the possibility to explore and visit one of the various tuscan villages which gave birth to one of the most celebrated rinascimental artist and engineer, Leonardo Da Vinci.

During the trip, there will be the opportunity not only to be guided in a fascinating exploration of the natural and architectural landscape of Vinci and of its remarkable places connected to Leonardo’s life and first artistic development, but also to have some nice tasting experiences of local food and wines. The visit will include the Museo Leonardiano and the dedicated  exhibition “Leonardo: una mostra impossibile”.

USEFUL INFORMATION: special transfers to reach Vinci will be provided with pick up in Lucca (around 9.00 am) and Montecatini (around 9.40 am).

PROGRAMME: available for download in pdf format: VINCI – Day Program 30.09.17 and VINCI – Day Program 30.09-01.10.17 1 night 2 days

Versilia: Pietrasanta, Camaiore and Viareggio

DESCRIPTION: Tuscany DMC, in cooperation with the Fondazione Campus’ Study and Research Center, offers you six different routes through Versilia and its historical, artistic, cultural and religious heritage. Versilia is a peculiar territory of the Province of Lucca, which extends along the sea and is characterized by sandy beaches, the hills of the surrounding landscape and the tops of the Apuan Alps.

The routes invite you to discover the centers of Pietrasanta, Viareggio and Camaiore in particular.  Known as “Little Athens”, Pietrasanta is still a residence of artists and hosts. In its little historical center there are numerous artigianal laboratories, specialised in the production of marble and bronze works of art.

The nearby gracious village of Camaiore represents, with its various religious monuments, the 27th stage of the Via Francigena as well as being a medieval hamlet with a rich historical past which has its roots in a pre-historic era. The more known city of Viareggio, renowned seaside resort, is also an expression of the Art Nouveau in Tuscany, with its elegant seaside architectures and bathing establishments in style. It is, at the  same time, very famous for the long tradition of the local Carnival and its parade, with the disruptive allegorical wagons “en papier mâché” and their complex machineries, which runs along the Passeggiata.

USEFUL INFORMATION: special transfers will be provided with pick up in Lucca and Montecatini.

PROGRAMME: available for download in pdf format Versilia: Pietrasanta, Camaiore and Viareggio


The via Francigena. From San Gimignano to Monteriggioni

DESCRIPTION: San Gimignano and its millennial village will welcome us for the departure, under the shade of the towers which remind us of its medieval past. Then, we will leave for a beautiful walk along the beautiful Tuscan hilly landscape coming across isolated farms, houses, towers, mills and crossing plateaus, dense forests of holm oaks and gorgeous streams through which crystal water still runs.

Highlights of the territory are the hidden beauty of Colle Val d’Elsa and the scenic Monteriggioni’s walls in addition to the castles and the parishes that are along the route.

A pleasant surprise will be the Sentierelsa, the wonderful route along the most beautiful section of the unique river Elsa.

USEFUL INFORMATION: it is possibile to reach San Gimignano by bus from Florence (departure at 7.10 am) and Siena (departure at 8.20 am).

PROGRAMME: available for download in pdf format The via Francigena. From San Gimignano to Monteriggioni